Day one of My Blog

Well my computer went out, I had to buy another one. went over to Best Buy and the sales man wasn’t too helpful but I managed to figure it out. got a nice clean HP laptop. And wouldn’t you know I went ahead and splurged on the extended warranty this time! got it home fired it up and here we are now.

 What the heck do I blog about. What the heck is a blog anyway.

 Oh hey last night was cool!  Saturday night on the town with friends we rented a big ole stretch limo and hit all the hot spots.  Restaurants, nightclubs, played a little pool, it was sweet.

 That is until the limo driver decided to join us in the bar and then he wanted to drive us!

 Apparently the bouncer called his buddy policemen and the same cop that was on that Comal River float arrested the dude they’re probably gonna take a CDL anyhow we all had to call taxis to get home and they had to call a new braunfels towing company to pick up the limo, what a freak. It was like this new braunfels tubing video. Crazy!

At least that’s how I remember it.

The day i remembered to blog

Well its been a while. The doc keeps bugging about writing something on this thing.

here we go. I heard this great song on a party bus i was on the other day

Heard this really cool song. its like 10% luck 15% skill 20% something something power of will. 5% pleasure 50% pain. and 100% reason to remember the name

sweet song. It reminded me of my first blog post

my new fave!


thas all i got fo now


Day whatever!

I just got busted cuz apparently i was supposed to be doing this every day like some sort of flippin journal.



i forgot

hows this, is this good enough

i really don’t care any more

Day 3

Third entry.

So have you seen the hunger games? Apparently they filmed all of the movies all at once so what’s your name on Letterman and she was given out all the details. Got a free he had so many people know what’s going to happen in I haven’t heard any leaks. Except from people who’ve actually read the books. But then again apparently the books don’t quite follow along with the story line because you really don’t know where part one in our part two in our part three I don’t even know how many parts or are.  Cool movie though, girl on fire.

Day 2 Bloggin

Day two of my blog.

 Okay so it’s not the second day I skipped a couple it’s like day five but it’s only the second day I’ve been writing on this freaking online journal thingy!

 My psychiatrist said it’s going to help me get out the inner emotions whatever!

 I’d rather be on the beach relaxing or floating down some river tubing! That’s going to get the inner emotions out peace tranquility bring it on baby beer in hand!

 I wonder if I’m using too many ExclamatIon points?  Oh hey, did you read my last post?

I will until tomorrow or whenever I feel like getting back on this thing!!!!!!